From my point of view

"It´s in the air"

     True musical creativity is best exposed in the improvisation. Spontaneous musical inventions might result in music, especially if the artist masters the means of expression. The audience is often captivated when being part of a process where a musical concept is born. Being part of the process is a real sensation since the improviser has the intention of playing what is "in the air".  

An improvisation demands considerable openness with both performer and listener because of the lack of logic and the "mistakes". This has to be accepted. It has to do with the construction of universe. All things, new and exciting, are preceded by instability. Universe seems to create unstable situations in order to provoke better solutions. 

During these hard moments the improvisation almost comes to life showing its own will, completely unsusceptible to any kind of advice or instructions. The improviser is told to keep all his ambition and skill to himself. "Your knowledge is killing me!" This seems rather discouraging at first, but this is the moment when a piece of art might be born. Universe wants to present a new aspect, hidden so far and now revealed to us at this very moment. 

An improvisation is often inspired by the past but also wants to be part of the avant-garde. Therefore, it might seem rather abstract and complicated with the intention to surprise the listener. Hereby tradition gets a mirror to be able to discover its own beauty. During the improvisation both listener and performer experience some kind of inner development. We are prepared for anything to happen both in life and in music. The ugly and the beautiful, the trivial and the profound contrasts make the perfect atmosphere for an improvisation. There is happiness in sorrow and lies in truth. Therefore, there are similarities in the differences. So there would be no improvisation if the incompatible could not be connected.

Concerning musical improvisation you must always explore new ground for your tools that is, notes, scales, sounds, chords and forms. The art of improvisation shows the relations of contrasts and bring them together. All kinds of improvisation presume and provoke less routine and restriction in life. The improviser always  associates with everything and- "the livin’ is easy"!

© Tomas Willstedt